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FARR and Windows apps

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My first idea was to find where the apps are installed and simply point FARR to that location so I can launch what I want, but alas, it is a big hassle to open that folder. And once you revert security setting FARR cannot reach that folder anymore.

Any elegant way for using FARR to run Windows apps?

I apologize for missing this originally. Can you elaborate a little bit on this, or can anyone else provide some guidance about what kinds of apps we are talking about?

All apps for Win 8/8.1/10 that come from the Windows Store.

On Win 10 they are available from the start menu, mixed with regular programs. See attached screenshot (circled in red).

FARR and Windows apps

For what it's worth, I haven't found a way, elegant or otherwise, to get FARR to find or run windows-store "apps." Such as Calculator or Calendar or Mail or Edge (browser) or the ModernUI version of Skype. I ignored this problem in Windows 8 since I ignored these apps, but now that they are better integrated into the desktop I find myself using some of them sometimes.

After going through the linked "hassle" were you able to load them in FARR? Could you make old-style .lnk shortcuts to the windowsapps files?

Here's a method that works for creating a "real" shortcut to a metro app:

Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations

Scroll to the bottom under "protocols" and note that the description column next to each of the metro app shows URL:something.
FARR and Windows apps
Create a shortcut somewhere FARR can index to "something://" (excluding quotes).
FARR and Windows apps
Rename the shortcut (it'll be called "New Internet Shortcut" by default.)

For example, windows 10 calculator shows URL:calculator. I create a new shortcut on my desktop pointing to calculator:// and titled "Calculator App"

The Calculator icon is used with my title, and the shortcut is found and launched successfully from FARR.
FARR and Windows apps
Kind of a farr cry from the index-free ease of normal farr use but if there's a metro app you use frequently it might be worth it.

I got this idea from this link that I found here.



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