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Sync Laptop & Desktop

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I've been using Allway Sync for selective syncing of folders and files in various directions between Windows computers and it's been working fine for me. Does offer a degree of control for reviewing files manually that you may want to be careful about syncing.
-dr_andus (February 02, 2016, 01:25 PM)
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is that in conjunction with dropbox or some other way?
-tomos (February 02, 2016, 05:16 PM)
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It's more for one-off or occasional syncing (or backing up). Let's say you have a Windows netbook that you only occasionally take out for trips here and there. Then you can sync your selected folders or drives from the PC to the netbook over the local network, and then sync it back when you return from the trip, and put the netbook away. But if you are using both devices simultaneously all the time, then of course Dropbox would make more sense.

P.S. And it's also for situations when you want to force the direction of the sync, i.e. when you want to ignore certain changes for certain files or folders on one machine and overwrite them with older versions from the other machine.

Carol Haynes:
What about Syncback Pro?

Very flexible - you can specify what replaces what (with optional prompts) and also if things are deleted if you delete one device.

There is a freeware version with reduced features too - but it works well.

Only drawback is it isn't realtime - you can schedule though or run a sync manually.

I use DropBox. I sync my Laptop, Desktop, and MS Surface. It works great-c.gingerich
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So it's possible to sync folders from one device to another both ways with Dropbox?
-keithy397 (February 02, 2016, 11:14 AM)
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Dropbox used to sync one folder (which you would nominate). I dont know if it's become more flexible (in that you can sync folders in various locations) --
anyone here know that?

Thanks for all your input guys.

I've installed Dropbox and it works well.  I sort of imagined I'd be syncing the actual files from one device to the other but as far as I can tell you upload to Dropbox and the files are accessible from the cloud (via a Dropbox folder in your PC) on all devices.  I suppose it's safer that way but if I go away for a week or two I'll have to upload all the Laptop files to be able to change the original files on the other device(s) because I won't remember which files exactly have changed.  Unless there's a way the Dropbox files on any device (copies of originals in cloud) will change when you change the originals?

Anyway, I'm still learning......  :Thmbsup:

Unless there's a way the Dropbox files on any device (copies of originals in cloud) will change when you change the originals?
-keithy397 (February 03, 2016, 04:31 AM)
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that's the idea of Dropbox: it updates all devices based on the most recent modified version of file.
AFAIK you can backup/sync up to 2GB with the free Dropbox.
It also keeps older versions of your files, for a certain length of time at any rate (click the dropbox tray icon -- you can open the web interface from there and explore a bit).


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