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Explorer Favorites Macro hotkey thingie


I finally got this Explorer Favorites macro hotkey thingie to work the way I want.

The idea is you have a folder open and you want to do some drag and drop between that folder and one that is in your favorites list.  Alt right click the mouse on the favorite and that folder should end up on top after the current folder is opened in a new window.

I haven't done anything with spacing them on the desktop(yet.) (Edit added MoveIt code to do it)
The hotkey is only active if Explorer is the active window.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---DetectHiddenWindows, OnSetTitleMatchMode,2SendMode InputSetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%CoordMode,ToolTip,ScreenCoordMode,Mouse,Screen GroupAdd,ExplorerGroup, ahk_class CabinetWClassGroupAdd,ExplorerGroup, ahk_class ExploreWClass  #IfWinActive ahk_Group ExplorerGroup!RButton::  MouseGetPos, , ,AWindow , control  If (control != "SysTreeView321")        returnSend,^nClickSleep 1000WinActivate,ahk_id %AWindow%;those running MoveIt will have folders;staggered automagicallyProcess,Exist,MoveIt.exeIf (ErrorLevel)    Send,^+ereturn


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