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Best New Year's gift ever? Oracle pulling the Plug on Java Browser Plugin


about time, I'd say.


It's a pity because many games and educational demos were made with java applets. What will happen to the sites still active which contain applets? Like this one:
Is there a way to run applets in a safe way? Dunno, some web browser with an emulator plugin? Maybe a retrobrowser within a virtual machine? Any recommendations?

kilele, support for existing java applets are not going to disappear overnight nor is the ability for users to run them if they so choose. Just don't upgrade to the plugin-less release and things will continue to run as they do today. The safest way to run applets (and Flash for that matter) is the same as it always has been. Only visit sites that you trust, be mindful if things don't look right or suspicious, and above all think before you click.

A lot of people, unfortunately, have developed an allergy to critical thinking so these safeguards won't work for them. As for long term, I imagine that applets will fade away and be replaced by HTML5 (or similar) equivalents.

IMO these rich Oracle guys should provide backwards compatibility for respect to the memory and culture of internet. It's not acceptable that Oracle dooms us to this oblivion.


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