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What other forums do you participate in?

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Have we ever asked this before.. What other forums on the internet do you participate in?

For me, DC is my only true home, but I do have an unhealthy obsession with my car (the codymobile, purchased with help from DC members), which has led to my frequent posting on a forum dedicated to my car model:

How about you folks?

I participate on BoardGameGeek and RPG StackExchange.  I've given up on regularly visiting any others- it turns into a real time-suck.

BGG ! another one of my fave sites.

what's your username? here's me:

Recent times .... MilanMania and xtratime (both soccer forums), sometimes forums and more occasionally dslreports, linux mint forums and redflagdeals (Canadian all topics forum)

Only the (Dutch language) machine embroidery forum my wife had me start for her when her then-most-visited msn group on the subject ceased to exist, 7 years ago.
I'm the technical admin, and the (mostly) ladies frequenting the forum keep stuff alive there, posting new made work, and appraising the work of others :)


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