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Signature flagged as corrupt & 'Rotate' distorts and scales objects

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Thought letting you know that Windows 10 is flagging download of the Installer File as 'The signature of this file is corrupt or invalid' (see 1. screenshot below),  other files from the site download just fine.

Whilst I'm add it, 2 more observations  :D
1. as  shown in screenshot montage rotating objects distorts them
Signature flagged as corrupt & 'Rotate' distorts and scales objects

2. lower boundary settings for cropping with delux-effects doesn't always seem to get 'respected'
Signature flagged as corrupt & 'Rotate' distorts and scales objects

loving it nonetheless  :-*

First of all, thank you Puchai for posting so sweetly  :Thmbsup:

Ok now to address.. I heard before about signature of file and thought that I concluded it was due to my code signing certificate being an older sha algorithm that MS and others are starting to flag as needing an upgrade.  It's such a pain to upgrade that i've put it off but will be upgrading soon.  It is a little odd that you aren't getting the same error on other files, but i suppose that depends on which files you check..

Next reply will address the other points.

Ok looks like you found a bug with rotation and sizing combined, i will fix!

I was able to reproduce your crop-with-border effects bug.. will fix!


Also...even though you joined the forum in 2013 this is your 1st post as with that said...

Welcome to the DonationCoder forum Puchai! :) :up:


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