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Windows Logger and Hung Process Monitoring


Last summer I developed an application to log time spent in Windows applications, thinking it would be handy to monitor where my kids are going on the internet, or if a manager at work believed one of his/her employees were not doing their assigned work. This application is call Windows Logger.

From my work on windows logging I noticed that Windows OS has one function that determines whether a Window associated with a process is hung or frozen. We were having staff at work complain about slowness on both PCs and Virtual Desktops, so I decided to split this function off onto an application called Process Monitor.

In order to receive email notifications I used a freeware program called File Alert Monitor to watch folders on our network where these applications keep their log files. File Alert Monitor gave me a visual notification of a PC having performance issues. The last step was to create Email Alerter which sent me an email whenever a File Alert window popped up.

With all of this, I can tell if certain PCs are encountering a lot of hung processes and contact the users.

If anyone is interested in these applications, I will post them. I have attached the two PDF help documents.

You might want to rename your Process Monitor tool, as there is already for many years a Sysinternals tool by that same name.
I'd be interested to try these tools, just to see if I have a use for them. Though I don't have any processes 'hanging' on my systems, afaics. Maybe these tools tell me otherwise ;D

What development environment (language, ide, etc.) are they developed in?


Those apps are written in AutoIT. The Windows API function that determines whether a process is 'hung' is called IsHungWindowApp. LOL  It's probably more politically correct to say 'frozen' or 'unresponsive' these days.

The program name is no problem to change, I had noticed also other apps with the same or similar names. Since I'm new to this forum, I didn't pay attention that my two user guides in PDF format didn't attach. I will put them into a ZIP file and update the original post.

They will give you more detailed information.


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