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Brave: A new browser with built-in adblock and payment solutions

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In the ~2 weeks since enabling Brave Ads on my browser, I've clicked to see about 100 ads, earning me 5 BAT (~$2).
-Deozaan (May 08, 2019, 03:52 PM)
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In my first full month of using Brave Ads/Rewards I earned almost 30 BAT, which is close to $9.75 at current prices. Combine that with the fact that the minimum monthly automatic contribution per month is 20 BAT to the various websites I visit means that if I continue earning about this much BAT per month then I finally have a way to automatically contribute each month to sites I visit without having to manually pay from my own bank account to top up my BAT wallet.

It looks like Brave is finally starting to deliver on the initial promise(s) of BAT! :Thmbsup:

And it seems that about 80% of my monthly contribution is earmarked for DonationCoder. :-*

I've been able to find out what my problem was (it was the fact that I had Muon still installed), so though there are a few hiccups, Brave is now my main browser.  And I have 20 BAT for my ad earnings since that time.  It took me a while to figure out that I needed to set it to only contribute to sites that were verified, so I still have 43 BAT in outstanding pledges.  My contributions in addition to DC are to Brave, NPR, bleeping computer, and the friendica instance I'm on (which gets most of mine at 59%).

I have verified a DonationCoder page for Brave Rewards.-mouser (May 09, 2019, 02:52 AM)
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Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region-Brave Rewards
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I just noticed DuckDuckGo is a verified website, so I sent them a little tip.

I'm surprised they weren't included in my auto-contribute, but I guess that's because of the way I configured auto-contribute to ignore sites I don't visit for longer than 1 minute.

Well, I'd already discovered Vivaldi and am using it on my laptop, Waterfox on my desktop and, as a result of this thread, Brave on my phone. I also like the concepts, it definitely seems responsive and although I'm already dealing with ad blocking via Windscribe, the latter has a habit of unexpectedly going quietly away so Brave means that matters less.

A couple of days in so far so my opinions are subject to change :)


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