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Brave: A new browser with built-in adblock and payment solutions

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So I turned a bunch of stuff off, and presuming they "do basic" privacy control, I'm having fun just loading it with extensions, and the first thing I did was add extra menus. One of them "isn't quite" horozontal, but it mimics the horozontal type stuff. The other is kind of an Alphabetical God Mode, that you can apparently move stuff up into your most used session.

And it's Not Quite Google! :)

So we'll see!

Heh mini bug, I installed so many extensions they crowded my address bar, then when I resized it, they vanished! :)
But it's working okay now, so bye bye bye Chrome unless something "insists".



Also, it seems to have some of its own adblockers native, possibly even before the Adblock extensions kick in, and I'm already up to over a thousand items blocked!

Thousands of trackers per day! Cyberpunk 2020 is here!


Also, it seems to have some of its own adblockers native
-TaoPhoenix (November 17, 2019, 07:29 PM)
--- End quote ---

See the subject of this thread. ;D

Sometimes on Youtube I can't find any date for when the video was made. Is there actually none posted, or how or where do I find it?


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