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Brave: A new browser with built-in adblock and payment solutions

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Okay, new subtopic; if I go to liveleak and click on any sublink, such as 'Must See', an image of a spider appears. I hate spiders. In TOR browser I can right-click and choose 'block element' and it vanishes. If I refresh, it reappears. If I can't make it stop appearing, it's going to give me a case of nerves, and I'll have to abandon liveleak. Suggestions anyone?

Suggestions anyone?
-holt (June 16, 2019, 12:41 PM)
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Continue using Tor browser for your liveleak visits.

Looks like Brave Ads are now available in the Brave Android app.

And I'm starting to see more and more websites and content creators on YouTube verified. It's nice seeing this thing gain some adoption. :Thmbsup:

Some of the more notable sites that I've noticed are now verified: DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail, and SourceForge.

A quick note about Brave: They have apparently made an update where shields down doesn't mean shields down.  I went to a site that I have been using with Brave, and it just stopped working.  Annoying, but I still have Chrome installed, so just started to use that for the one site.  Then there was another.  And another.  The last straw was when I couldn't log into the Playstation store.  I cleared cookies and history and reset site data.  Nothing.  Finally, I searched on the Brave support site for "can't login playstation", and immediately found this thread. 

The solution that they gave him to a similar problem was to turn shields back on and allow all cookies. I did it, and it worked for all four sites.  They never said it happened in an update- but facts remain, it was working a bit ago with shields down.  But stopped after an update.  I'd think that Shields Down means that they don't block anything... but apparently from this, that's not true.


Yeah, that's strange. :huh:

Thanks for posting about it so others could learn from your experience. :Thmbsup:


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