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Very slow internal network speed - any ideas

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Carol Haynes:
The NIC says it is connected at 1Gb speed

Network isn't flooded - if I close the browser window there doesn't appear to be much traffic happening at all.

Not a problem with the ISP as my phone, internet enabled TV, laptop etc. all report high speeds - just my desktop.

I is connected via a 4 port switch which is connected to the router but I have tried connecting the router direct to the PC and it made no difference at all.

Installed Glasswire Free - can't see anything unusual or suspicious accessing the connection - and no excessive usuage.

What kind of nic is it? Intel cards used to come with a management tool that let you look at what the speed and duplex were actually running at (as opposed to "auto negotiate").

You could try going into the nic properties and click Configure, then find the speed and duplex setting and hard code it at 1gb, full duplex and see if that changes anything.

Or you could uninstall the device, then reboot to have Windows install it fresh and see if that makes a difference.

If none of that helps, go ahead and run TCP Optimizer and have it set up reasonable values for the network stack. Something may have gotten honkled in there.

Carol Haynes:
Think it must be a hardware issue - I have installed a dual boot copy of Windows 7 and that gives the same readings.

It is a Realtek built in NIC on a Gigabyte mobo

I will try a USB wifi connection and see if that improves things.

You haven't said but completely remove the NIC driver and install the latest from the Realtek website?

Carol Haynes:
Just updated the driver - has improved it somewhat to about 5Mb (still not the 14 I get on WiFi).

Maybe it is my ethernet setup.

Until recently my ISP only provided about 6Mbps. So maybe the cabling/switch combos I have are slowing things down.

I have an 11n router (ISP supplied) with 4 ports and three of those posts have 4 way switches attached. Not sure if it is entirely Cat 6 or Cat 5 cabling either. Need to do some checking.

Oddly my Sony TV connection (wired) is faster and that goes through one of the switches and powerline adapters!!!


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