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Can't share files programatically between two machines on the same network.


Basically I want to dump a batch of files from one machine into the appropriate locations on another machine.

Using just one folder as an example of my problem, I have a shared folder on one machine (Win 10) that I can access from another machine (Win 8.1)

The Win 10 uses a Microsoft account. The Win 8.1 does not.

I can happily pass files to and fro using a file manager.

When I run a program to copy files from the Win 8.1 machine to the Win 10 machine, the Win 10 machine is inaccessible.

This was not so until I switched the Win 10 machine to a Microsoft account. Before that my program could happily scatter stuff into any shared locations on the Win 10 machine.

Does anyone have a solution to this that they would care to share with me, please?


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