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Dice analyzer machine project

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I have one for you that's becoming pretty popular these days in gaming - Fate/Fudge dice.

Fate Core is becoming quite popular in gaming, which drives the popularity of these dice.

Woo hoo!  My rotation and scale invariant recognizer code is working quite well (if the extraction of foreground is successful).
I think if i can get the foreground extraction fairly reliable, the recognizer code is going to behave quite robustly and be able to work with dice with arbitrary graphics.

A few things to watch out for on your project.

Try to insure that:

a) the software does not crap out
b) the hardware does not spin out of control
c) that not too much of a load is placed on the system
d) try not to shave the parameters too closely
e) stop trying to do things the hard way
f) figure out how to blow on the dice through all that water
g) play audio in the background such as "baby needs a new pair of shoes" for verisimilitude

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I guess the reason that I was showing you those is to give you a challenge... with the multiple sides being the same :)

Multiple sides being the same is not a problem, as long as you tell the system ahead of time how many UNIQUE sides there are.
If you tell it there are 6 unique sides but really there are only 2, the system will find a way to group the images into 6 unique sides (e.g. differentiating two otherwise identical sides based on a small piece of dirt or minor discoloration).


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