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Dice analyzer machine project

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So one difficulty with having the camera on the BOTTOM facing up, is figuring out a mechanism to roll/tumble the die that would still allow it to sit flat on the nice clear glass at the bottom.

Stoic Joker:
The unsurfaced CR39 lens blanks are almost an inch thick to start with, so you can pretty much pick what you want for thickness to screw into or glue onto. Actually I was thinking - Steampunk - go with the cup style roller from your video, get the edge of the lens beveled, and use an eyeglass frame style mount to put the lens in the bottom of the - lightly polished/brushed brass - cup. :D

one thing we have to consider is that the sharp cornered dice are going to be bouncing around on their containers really hard, over and over and over, thousands of times.. another argument against having camera facing up through a glass surface that the dice are going to be scratching against..

Clearly I need a clever engineer to take on the hardware half of this.. Anyone up for it? With a prototype we could kickstart it :)

I have one of these cheap $10 dicer roller toys on order -- if it can be modified it's hard to imagine a cheaper solution:

I believe the basic mechanism is that the bottom SPINS, and friction causes the dice to tumble around.


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