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Crop ratios

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I have enclosed a sort of work flow example in the attached file. Hope it makes sense!

Thank you Erik..

I'm still not 100% sure which part of the workflow SC needs improvement on.

Am I correct that if the "Select Preset Region Size" had options like "Maximal 3:2 window"
which selected the largest, centered 3:2 aspect ratio area, that would be the feature you are missing?


I do a lot of screen capturing, for different kinds of use. Some for use on mobile 16:9 screens, some for just inserting into web text, some as profile photos in 1:1 or 2:3 and several other use. I guess after having used one system for years I notice differences that effect work flow routines.

I think your good software would get an improvement by adding a menu option ”Preset crop ratio”, to the Edit menu, with no relation to image size, centering, largest or anything like that. Just the length/width ratio.

Suggestion to default selection ratios
Special ratios perhaps via Settings menu

A possibility to swap the crop relation, like 4:3 to 3:4 or 3:2 to 2:3, by a short cut, like Tab. You know switching from Landscape to Portrait.

After Capture editing will always be there and I guess we will always find something that could minimize work friction.

Im going to try to add an option over the weekend, let's see if it helps.

I think that could be very useful.

(Also, I struggel to find the ratio of spelt:corn.)


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