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I just discovered this a few days ago. The Internet Archive ( has over 2,500 MS-DOS games, which can all be downloaded or played in your browser, for free. :Thmbsup:'s MS-DOS Games Library - Over 2,500 Games

Pretty much every DOS game I can remember playing as a child is there, only this time they're full versions instead of the shareware demos. :)

Combined with's Internet Arcade (a collection of MAME/Arcade games) and the Console Living Room, you should be able to keep yourself occupied for quite some time.

OMIGOSH!!! ROBOT ODYSSEY!!  :-* :-* :-*
Robot Odyssey is an adventure game, published by The Learning Company in 1984. Released for the Apple II, TRS-80 Color Computer, and DOS, it has been referred to as the hardest computer game of all time.[1]
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