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The DEFINITIVE Mp3 Portable Ripper utility

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Incredible, wonderful, state of Art in snap-audio-coding

Proudly made with C++ Builder, Bass Library and LMD Tools

You see it, and you want it!! (source code included)

The Mp3 Portable Ripper!!! (for donation coder contest) :D

features: ripping of mp3 shoutcast stations on the fly (you only need to know what mp3 station you want to record)...various time-measurement recordings until 15.000 seconds of recording time...

Uses: New music on your Car (burning the result to a CD disc), have your personal Mp3 ripper on your Flash-Rom or Mp3-Player and carry it to everyplace in your pocket...
Record your own favourite sessions on a single mp3 file...

current status: Working but not 100% not available until Mouser or organizers review it...

looks fun!  i'll check it out and post.

looks fun!  i'll check it out and post.
-mouser (July 03, 2006, 06:55 AM)
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where's the download link? couldn't find it anywhere..

Portable Mp3 Ripper


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