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Omikron: The Nomad Soul **FREE** from 15/01 -> 22/01


Via OzBargain for the gamers here.

In memory of David Bowie, Square Enix has made Omikron: The Nomad Soul a free purchase for a week.

Steam key issued upon purchase. Activate via your Steam account.

Omikron is available from the SEE Store as a free PC Digital download from 9.00am GMT Friday 15th January 2016 until 9.00am GMT Friday 22nd January 2016 while stocks last. Offer limited to one digital download code per customer*.

The activation code will be delivered to you via e-mail within 48 hours of the order being processed**.

* Redemption of this offer shall require an active Square Enix Store account.
--- End quote ---

Omikron: The Nomad Soul   **FREE** from 15/01 -> 22/01

About the game
"I have many things to tell you and very little time... I come from a universe parallel to yours. My world is desperately in need of your help. Only YOU can save us."
Responding to the desperate pleas of a mysterious character from another dimension, your soul must enter the dark and futuristic city of Omikron. This heralds the beginning of an epic adventure through an increasingly strange and dazzling parallel world, trying to solve the many puzzles that prevent you escaping alive. Think, fight and interact with the immense gaming environment to defeat the menacing demons that have tried to trap you.

• An epic adventure storyline with unprecedented depth and realism
• Shooting and combat included in a real adventure game – featuring motion capture by several martial arts and world champions
• A unique Virtual Reincarnation concept
• A huge living environment in real time 3D with hundreds of passers-by and vehicles to interact with.
• Original soundtrack by David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels, including 8 songs also featuring on the David Bowie album "hours"
• 220 minutes of dialogue with real time facial Motion Capture

The deal link doesn't seem to work for me.  Perhaps it's a regional thing (I'm in the USA).

It looks like the deal link goes to then shortly redirects to

After a bit of time a banner was displayed that let me know that you just purchase the game with a coupon code of "omikron" to get a 100% discount.

Thanks for that info, here's a N.A. link: Omikron: The Nomad Soul


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