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Wish List - Customize menus with Shortcut Keys


I'm capturing dialog boxes for a user guide and am using Windows 8 with an Aero Theme (rounded corners) but the screen capture is not detecting certain dialog boxes sizes with the added rounding. So I am forced to capture them by screen on a monochrome background. my workflow is as follows:

* After capture, I have to then manually set my select box with a gap around the dialog boxes (could use a Shortcut for Rectangle Selection)
* Next I use Ctrl+R to crop to selection
* Next I have to use Select Mode Magic Wand - Exclusive Flood Fill (another needed shortcut)
* Next I use Ctrl+I to invert the selection
* Followed by Ctrl+R to crop to selection
* Next I manually add a shadow to entire image (another needed shortcut)
* Finally, I Save the image changes Ctrl+S
It might also be nice to be able to add a custom toolbar with all of these in top to bottom order.

That's a ton of work for something SC *should* be able to do for you.

SC actually has 2 ways to capture aero transparency corner windows.

The first is automatically (enabled by default), which should work fine BUT will not work if the child window is on top of a parent window.  solution in your case might be to move the child window off the parent window into a blank area.  This is the option on the "Window Capturing 1" tab.

The second is that sc can be asked to automatically fixup round corner transparency by looking for the corner region -- essentially doing what i think you are describing above (check the "Window Capturing 2" tab).

Important -- you say you are on Windows 8 -- i thought win8 does not use aero transparency corners, and it could cause trouble, so by default SC won't try to do the corner transparency on windows 8.
BUT there is an option to tell it you want it to.  Go to the "Miscelaneous Tweaks" tab and enable this:


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