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Winkey g Google Search ahk quickie

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Here is a quickie hotkey for when you don't have anything open to type into to select text etc.. and want to type in a string to search Google with the default browser.  If the InputBox is closed via OK Button it sounds a tone as indication the browser is being launched.

I just added the snippet below to my general purpose ahk hotkey script.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---;Winkey g to search Google using default browser#g::  InputBox,SearchVar,Google Search,Enter String for Google to Find  If (ErrorLevel)    return  ;MsgBox I would search Google for %SearchVar%  Run,  SoundPlay,*64  return

is it easy to change the hotkey combination?

Activates the new Xbox game bar to let you record games or take screenshots.-Win 10
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is it easy to change the hotkey combination?
-Curt (January 14, 2016, 04:40 PM)
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what do you want to change it to?

^This^ is the bit you need to change -- I always forget (I *think Ctrl='^'), and need to look up the AHK site.
I know from the screenshot that:
# = Winkey
and that's it....

only half a solution -- or maybe just a quarter ;-)

The list of hotkey prefix keys is here:

For Firefox users, it might be worth noting here about the search prefixes offered by the Instantfox Firefox add-on -
You just type in to the URL bar. You could also (say) invoke them with FARR aliases, like the "dc searchstring" I use for searching in the DC forum.
Prefix keys (which can be changed by the user) include, for example:
g » G/Search  | e » eBay
i » G/Images   | b » Bing
m » G/Maps    | yh » Yahoo
y » YouTube    | a » Amazon
t » Twitter        | f » W.f/cast
w » Wikipedia  | c » Calculator
wa » WolframAlpha

I don't always remember the correct prefixes to use, so I have them on a Stick A Note that can be brought up in the top RH corner on any web page in Firefox. (Kudos to @anandcoral.)


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