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Winkey g Google Search ahk quickie

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May be relevant: X-posted Give yourself at least another 26 unique hotkey combos with Microsoft's remapkey

You could also (say) invoke them with FARR
-IainB (January 16, 2016, 04:46 PM)
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Speaking of FARR, one thing I ignored for years was the Windows desktop and folder behavior of searching as you type.  As example I have a folder on the desktop called Programs with categories of shortcuts in other folders.  I was clicking Programs, then clicking System_Utils then clicking DiskTolls.. very slow.  Now I remember to open Programs folder, type sys<enter> then type dis<enter> then click the utility.  Likewise I pit most of my desktop icons in a folder Desktop.  I click to open it, then for Macrium Reflect, instead of hunting it down I type ref<enter> without looking.  Or mbam<enter> for malwarebytes.  For stuff I use frequently but not often enough for a Taskbar shortcut, it obviates the need to search or use the start menu in most cases.

An exercise for the reader may be to make a GUI in AHK that has 1/2 dozen search engines and pops up with a hotkey.  The default button would be he default search engine etc..

I haven't looked through the list.  skwire may have already done it.  :)

Doesn't have to be just google type stuff.  You could have an entry for Everything Search, any number of NirSoft utilities etc..  Only thing is opening everything(meaning many different programs) with a hotkey, when you get on a machine without that hotkey utility you hit the key combination from habit.  :)

Doesn't have to be just google type stuff.  You could have an entry for Everything Search, any number of NirSoft utilities etc.. 
-MilesAhead (January 17, 2016, 07:04 AM)
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FARR is easy and great for this. As long as the "targets" (google in browser, everything, ...) support command line parameters we can make FARR aliases to launch them with a searchstring.

For example I use two spaces at the end of a FARR searchphrase as an alias trigger to pass the search on to Everything. Very handy as you can first search with FARR and, if what you're looking for isn't found in a second or two, just tap space space.

To set it up in FARR create a new alias and put this in the regular expressions box:

--- ---^(.*)\s\s$And this in the results box:

--- ---Everything Search: $$1 | dolaunch C:\Program files\Everything\Everything.exe -search "$$1"(Your path to Everything may vary)

FARR is easy and great for this.
-Nod5 (January 17, 2016, 01:52 PM)
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I understand.  I used aliases with it myself.  But sometimes it is nice to have something dedicated to only a few things or even a single thing.  But my original point was that it is easy to forget you can search for an icon by typing its name.  The tendency is to try to decipher the little graphic.  One can get distracted by the pictures.  If I use larger icons the picture is easier to see but I have fewer of them visible without scrolling, in the case of a folder full of icons.


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