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Winkey g Google Search ahk quickie

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I got the idea to adapt the google quickie search hotkey, Winkey g, to utilize BrowserBunch.exe.  Now to google precede the search terms with "g " (g and a blank space.)  Also the search string is now scanned for spaces.  "%20" is substituted for spaces in the search string to avoid it being "chopped" at the first space on the command line.

Type in a URL instead to open a browser.  You will need to update the path to BrowserBunch.exe to match the location on your system.  I find this handy for bypassing stuff like the browser trying to open a Speed Dial before letting me type into the address bar.  Plus instead of relying on the default browser setting you can use the browser that works best or opens fastest etc.. on the page in question.

Here is the code snippet.  Edit: I don't know if there is a way to turn off wrapping in the edit applet thingie.  If you get errors look for wrapped lines that shouldn't be.  :)

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#g::  InputBox,SearchVar,Google Search,Enter Browser URL (precede with "g " for Google Search)  If (ErrorLevel)    return  StringLeft,TempStr,SearchVar,2  If (TempStr != "g ")    Run,C:\Utils\BrowserBunch\BrowserBunch.exe %SearchVar%else{  StringMid,SearchVar,SearchVar,3  If (InStr(SearchVar," "))    SearchVar := StrReplace(SearchVar," ","`%20")  Run,C:\Utils\BrowserBunch\BrowserBunch.exe}   SoundPlay,*64  return


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