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Screenshots are delayed upon pressing 'Print Screen'

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Hi all, this is my first post here!  I've been looking for a good screen capture software for easy capturing.  I really like this software but for some reason when I push the 'Print Screen' key there's a delay in the realm of 500ms to 1s before the screen is captured.  So if I'm playing a video and want a capture while it's playing it will take a capture about a second after I press the key resulting in a picture I didn't want - about a second too late.  I have the latest version installed and under 'Capture Options' I don't have anything selected except for 'Hide Screenshot Captor Window'.  Any other settings I should be looking at?

I'm running Windows 7 Pro and using Google Chrome.

Thanks in advance!

are you using active window capture or full screen capture? does full screen capture also have this delay?

Or has Dropbox stolen the PrintScreen hotkey? :-\

I've tried 'Current Screen' and 'Active Window' with the same results.  I will install the DirectX plugin and try full screen.

The DirectX capture plugin does not work and is no longer supported.

Is it possible you have the delay option enabled?


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