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How eliminate background when capturing active window?

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How can I configure SC so that it will not capture the area surrounding the active window. I just want to capture the active window and its frame but nothing outside the active window's frame. Thanks.

that's what Active Window Capture mode is supposed to do, but there are situations and settings that effect it.
can you be more specific -- or better yet post a screenshot showing what result you are getting.

A sample screenshot is attached.

right ok, so im assuming you are using the Active Window Capture mode, and its giving you those extra margins that include stuff you don't want.

what you are seeing there is the effect of a CHILD window on top of a parent, combined with SC trying to capture background transparency around the edges.

the quickest best solution is probably to tell SC to stop trying to grab the alpha transparency around window -- which will also result in a faster capture.

go to preferences, than window capturing 1 tab, then uncheck "try to capture aero glass transparency effects"

let me know if that helps.

That solved the problem. Thanks very much.


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