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Screenshot of expanded dropdown menu with cursor--how to???


I am trying to get a screenshot of a web page showing the cursor and an expanded dropdown menu.  I have set the delay in preferences to 6000 in both locations in that window.  It seems to have been applied.  But when I choose "grab selected region" and form the box around the region however, there is absolutely NO delay and I cannot get it to let me go to drop down the menu I want to show.  I have no idea what I am doing wrong.  I am working with the latest version of your Screenshot software in Windows 10 Pro.  Any ideas??

It is not clear to me how to send this to the entire forum.  I have checked the help menu in the software and although it says what I want to do is possible, it does not give me any additional info on how, other than what I describe here. It is ok with me if you forward this to the entire forum.  Thanks

I finally figured out that the delay comes BEFORE you get to select and capture the area of the screen you want to.  So I think I have it, but it wasn't intuitive, at least not to me and wasn't explained at all in the HELP section of the software.

did you get the capture of the menu, the way you wanted to?


and Welcome   well over 2½ years ago  :up:

the delay is almost totally useless when it comes to the "selected region" capture mode.
if you want to capture a menu, using a full screen capture with delay makes some sense, and then CROP the region you want to capture after the fact.


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