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Cloud-based CI


One of the things I wanted to try out with my NANY 2016 project was cloud-based continuous integration. I did not do much investigation into the available options but settled for the popular Travis CI for building and Coveralls (which I didn't know before) for coverage analysis. Just like github, both services are free for open source projects. Both are very simple to use, if the language and vcs used are among the supported ones. For Travis, in the most simple of cases, it might be enough to put a file called .travis.yml in your code repository's root directory specifying the programming language used by your project.

While Travis seems to support uploading of build artifacts to Amazon S3, I wish there were more options available. It would be great if it was possible to upload to your own ftp, or if they made built packages available for download off of their site, at least for tagged releases.

I was wrong about Travis only supporting Amazon S3 upload. The options are in fact numerous as can be seen here:


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