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Love the tool - but it starts really slow.



I oddly need to click the taskbar icon twice sometimes, also, before it will start.

If I call the program from the commandline it take about 5 seconds to start
(c:\...\ScreenshotCaptor.exe -capture region)

I'm on Win7-32bit,  My PC is newer  (HP Elitebook 840)  1.9Ghz I5

I don't know why you would need to click taskbar icon twice, but:

Screenshot Captor is a tool that is meant to be left running in the background (minimized to system tray) for very fast captures at any time, and is not really meant to be started and stopped only when you need to perform a quick capture (which I assume is what you are doing -- tell me if i'm wrong).

If you *do* want a tool that should just be run only when you need to perform a capture, try the little brother of Screenshot Captor, the commandline tool MiniCap:


Yes its definitely running in the background.   Minimized to the tray.  Starts with Windows.

I noticed that if I use just the hot-key to start a capture, its good and instantaneous. 

I see what I'm doing wrong now with how to activate it with a single click. 

Thanks for getting back to me!  : )  I will try your suggestion as well...


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