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Forbes forces users to disable ad blockers, promptly serves malware.

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IMPORTANT: uBlock Origin is completely unrelated to the site "".
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What are people here using?
-Renegade (January 11, 2016, 10:16 PM)
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uBlock (non-Origin)

I'm using uBlock Origin.


I took the hint from posts here and added Adblock Plus and uBlock. Two of my other frequently visited sites, one is a different forum, and one has video stuff, quit working with just ABP only enabled. I could not figure out how to add the web sites as exceptions, it only seems to allow 'add filter groups', so I had to disable ABP.

^ just one of those addons should do you fine

When people use ad blockers, there is still a way to get your point across, show a scaled down, minimalistic ad in an non-obnoxious way, that usually won't have people complaining about it.

Have you seen what happens when you visit with an ad blocker turned on? If you visit any of their article pages, you'll see something like this, in place of the normal ad banner:

Forbes forces users to disable ad blockers, promptly serves malware.

It's just text. No links, images, animations, videos, audio, flash, corporate logos, or anything else. Just text. This is what they show instead of a "please turn off your ad blocker" message.

If more companies would take this approach, then adblock users, site owners, and advertisers could co-exist peacefully. Of course this would require advertisers to deal with sites directly, rather than through advertising networks, which would probably put most of the nastiest advertisers out of business.

But that would be a win-win situation, if you ask me.


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