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Auslogics bitreplica 2.1 [100% discount]


I have a data partition that I was backing up using Total Commander's sync function.  But I was curious about this bitreplica since it is designed to back up data and I saw it free.

As of this posting there is 1 day 11 hours and change left to download and activate.  But it is around on several sites.  I am sure I could set up one of the free sync tools to save the data on my partition to a USB stick.  But this looks like something designed for a lazy person.  For $0 I am sold!!  :)

I tried doing a Macrium backup but there is no incremental on file by file backup and backing up to a partition image actually increased the size since all the stuff is binary, like OS iso images, mp3 etc..

There are many backup schemes in bitreplica.  I chose the incremental.  It just does a straight copy.  No compression is attempted.  The first time it just copies everything.  After that it only copies new or changed files to the destination.  It seems like it will keep multiple versions on the destination storage.  It will also use the Cloud such as OneDrive but I think it suffers from the same problem the one drive sync client has. Namely it wants to have the sync folder on your system partition, which kind of defeats the idea of having a separate data partition.  There may be some way around this but I haven't searched that hard to find it.  I'm looking to hit the button once a week while the USB stick is in the port and that's that.  :)

I can tell you it installed and activated ok.  After it sends the registration info it still says you only have 5 backups or whatever.  Just close the program and reopen and then it shows as activated.

It is the usual deal.  No support.  No upgrades.  No cost.  :)

Glad I didn't pay anything for this.  It is more of a pain in the ass than it is worth, even for free.  I made a profile that could not be simpler.  All files on partition E: to go to a folder on my USB stick.  I selected Incremental which amounts to "copy everything the first time.. then on subsequent syncs, copy only new files or files that have changed."  Well when I ran it the second time, it wants to copy the entire partition again.

I don't even want to figure it out.  A real time waster.  Back to Total Commander I guess.  :(

Edit:  This is supposed to be a professional sync/backup tool.  But it blithely tried to copy 53 GB of stuff onto a USB stick with 5.x GB free space.  Not only that, but when it got an error it just quit.  My USB stick showed the space used in Explorer Computer view, but when I went into the folder it was empty.  Oh yeah!  I will definitely rely on that to backup my data!!  That's unacceptable even in an alpha release.  Never mind a stable backup product.

Stay away from this one!


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