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30SecondSilencer - add silence every 30 seconds to an mp3 file

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30SecondSilencer is a windows tool to add 30 seconds of silence every 30 seconds to an mp3 file.

But the duration of the silence and music segments can be customized. For example you can add 10s silence every 55s in the mp3 file. Optional fade in/out.

Download binary and source here

ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe from latest version of at

If you want to compile from source: Autohotkey

changed ffmpeg concatenate code to avoid file errors
updated helpfile
code cleanup

first version with GUI
now uses windows temp folder as workdir (can be changed in source)
now outputs C:\<inputfolder>\<inputfilename>_30ss.mp3

first version, no GUI (pm if you want the old source)

Thanks to Attronarch (and mom!) for test driving the script, and for coming up with the use case.  :)

post edit 2022-01-09: new URL to ffmpeg dependency

Nice job!
I saw it grow in the other thread, and it's spot-on.

Too bad NANY is already finished, it would have been a great entry :Thmbsup:

Thanks Ath! Yeah, bad timing. Will do something for NANY next year!

Nod5, thank you for making the script. With addition of editable music and silence parts this script is great utility for making various training soundtracks, e.g. for circuit training, intervals, tabatas, and sparring / randori sessions...

It is better than using stopwatch and manually operating stereo equipment, puts a lot more pressure.

Nice tool! I like a few seconds pause between tracks so I can listen to nature when cycling around


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