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Need key for System Healer plz

Need license key for System Healer plz

• Firstly: has nothing to do with System Healer so we could/would not provide a license key for it.
• Secondly: Every Google Search for System Healer shows it as a Virus/ probably better not to install it.

What software is available of this nature offered through donation coder. Thku for ur input

From what I can gather, that software is some sort of System Cleanup Tool.  With this in mind, I guess it depends what exactly you want it to do...I don't personally use them but if you wanted, there are a wide array of tools on DonationCoder which, when used together, could provide you with the solution you need.  If not, then I would probably have to recommend Tune-Up Utilities.  Never mind...I see that it has gone odd and is owned by AVG...Yeah...I have no idea what to recommend now, sorry!

Take a look around our software and in the meantime, somebody is likely to reply to this and might be abe to offer you a recommendation for something :)


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