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"Open" is really gaining traction

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^Um...I do remember  you do your own effects. We corresponded on that via PM not that long ago. I haven't forgotten.  :)

And in Tillman's defence, he never called it a 'Tillman' Amp. He's never called it anything but a Discrete FET Preamp. Nor did he ever claim (or even infer) it was an original design. Even on his own website. That "Tillman" moniker is something the music sites and musician rags started calling it. Probably because it has a better "ring" and is much more memorable than Tillman's own mouthful of a name for it.  ;)

^Um...I do remember...
-40hz (January 09, 2016, 09:51 AM)
--- End quote ---

Aw man, the grumpy really must have gotten to my brain :( Again, my apologies.
Yes, I was aware of all those things, and yes, "Tillman" rolls off the tongue better (like "Thermos" instead of "insulated beverage container"?), but I wonder why his design went viral and not all the ones that came before it?  A strange beast, this internet...

EDIT: Nevermind, I just read his website again and caught that he'd posted it on Usenet circa 1995.  So I guess the props really do go to him for popularizing it, and I was just late to the party thinking it was somebody else's birthday >_<


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