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NANY 2016 Pledge/Release: Lucid Dream Inducer

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Ok this is a fun/silly little idea i had -- a simple little utility to play a customizable chime and voice file in the middle of the night to try to nudge you into Lucid Dreaming.


A lucid dream is one in which you realize you are dreaming and can take control of your actions and other details of the dream. More on lucid dreaming:

You need to have a computer near your bed when you use this program.  The basic idea is that you would enable it when you head to sleep, and some hours later it will play some chimes to semi-wake you  and then a voice recording to remind you to try to be aware that you are dreaming.

There are options to let you easily choose which chimes and voice messages to (randomly) play at what volume. I include a few but really you should make your own. You can choose how long after you head to sleep the first episode should occur, and then the number and delay between subsequent episodes.

There is nothing controversial about the fact that people can have lucid dreams -- but inducing them seems to be a hit and miss affair and more of an art than a science, with different people finding different tricks that work for them.

While there may be some high-tech ways to induce lucid dreaming by detecting when the brain goes into certain stages of sleep and waking the person at that time, this tool uses a low-tech, less-reliable technique.  If you are serious about trying to use this tool you will have to experiment with the time delays, volumes, and sound files to find those that work most often for you (the program displays a log of which sounds were played and when to help you identify what worked).

I'd love to hear if this works for anyone.


I need some better people to make good "instructional" voice messages! Please make some and share them!

NANY 2016 Pledge/Release: Lucid Dream Inducer NANY 2016 Pledge/Release: Lucid Dream Inducer NANY 2016 Pledge/Release: Lucid Dream Inducer NANY 2016 Pledge/Release: Lucid Dream Inducer

Program is completed and working, but i need help with some sound files(!)

What i need is someone to pick a dozen or so different kind of "chime" like mp3 files, from a site like:
I think they should be from 1-3 seconds long or so.

And then I need some nice longer clear recordings of people speaking some lucid dreaming "instructions".. these are the mp3 files that the user will be hearing as they are in a half-awake state, so they should say things like "Remember that you are dreaming and you can take control of your dream", etc.

See link in first post on lucid dreaming.

Updated.  Note you can use any mp3 files you want, just copy them into the appropriate Sounds subdirectory and then enable/disable them from the options.


I'll sound a cautionary tale on a few diff levels.

This program and the entire intro is in medium-usual "oh look how cute this is". But do you have an equal and opposite program that *blocks* lucid dreams?

When it isn't being presented in a "A, you're a new age loon" or "B, Mouser did some homework", decide if you WANT this, because sometimes you can't turn it back off again.

I've been getting a chunk of lucid dreams lately. I've been a sub-adjunct legislative assistant in congress and could almost read the draft bills, and more.

The mistake I think I'm seeing is people want it both ways, "safe and fun and rated PG and yay" and the full power of lucid dreaming doesn't always have those "governors" like they put in school buses to pretend they're not Mack Trucks.

So if y'all want to go into this realm, think things like the movie The Cell and it nearly messed up Vincent D the actor for a while after filming it.


If I were dev'ing this program, I'd want some twelve more features in it.

All the "beginner" systems I learned for lucid dreaming have intensity in the mix.

So first you "pre-load" your conscious/subconscious/other minds with data, coupled with a desire of what *type* of lucid dream you want.

That's why they're lucid - crap reg dreams, you get trapped "in a dream". In a Lucid dream, to varying points, you *control* the dream. It's easier to start staying in the bounds of sane physics.

So if I were to "preload" one as an example, let's say I want to go to a nice chess tournament in the midwest but I have no way to get there. I can hitch a ride with a trucker. I can decide he's driving International brand truck rather than Mack because it has a nicer tonal gear shift range. I can make sure my three sandwiches are two diff types of ham and cheese.

These are the details that run lucid dreams. These were just the beginner examples. I'm still only a low beginner myself. But just sayin' it's more than a chime and an audio phrase in the systems I studied.


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