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NANY 2016 Release: Skully the Training Virus ... /Prank


Stoic Joker:
NANY 2016 Entry Information
Application Name Skully the Training Virus Version 1.0 Short Description Friendly Virus for teaching purposesSupported OSes Tested on 7, 8.x, & 10 - May also run on XP & Vista Web Page You're on it Download Link The Skully Virus.exe (172.5 kB - downloaded 857 times.) System Requirements
* .NET4.0 - Yeah, I hate that part tooVersion History
* v1.0.0.3 - Added a few new options and penalties
* v1.0.0.0 - Downloaded 8 timesAuthor Stoic Joker

This is completely benign "Training Virus" that was written to be used during a "Human Firewall" Security Training program. Its primary purpose is to scare the shit out on the user - after they have engaged in some foolish behavior - and then it displays a series of text segments that give a rough outline of what they just did wrong.

Only after all segments have been read does it display the exit Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + M.

The exit Hotkey - Ctrl + Alt + M - can be used at anytime to exit the program if need be.

Skully has 2 different modes of operation:
   Normal Mode: Name the program anything you want and it will start the training about a minute after launch.
   Prank Mode: Give the program any name that starts with prnk (case is irrelevant) and it will launch with the
                      training segment disabled to just torment the user.

Note: Exit Code Ctrl + Alt + M is the same in both modes.

Planned Features
I may add some new penalties to keep things interesting.
I'd like to make the text segments user customizable.

Screenshots of the Application.
NANY 2016 Release: Skully the Training Virus ... /Prank

Pick a mode, pick a name, pick a target, drop it off and wait...

Using the Application
Please use responsibly.

Did I mention the Exit Hotkey was: Ctrl + Alt + M?

Highlight, delete, done.

Any tips for using it?

Be nice.

Known Issues
Are there any issues that users should know about?

God I hope not this thing has beat me to death trying to make sure it was stable.

This does capture and control the entire desktop -(Ctrl + Alt + M to exit)- So I spent an extensive amount of time testing to be sure it could be unloaded cleanly without taking the shell/current user session with it.

  And thanks for downloading Stoic Joker's Skully "Virus" Desktop Prank.
  It doesn't actually destroy, harm, or change anything... But it should
  scare the shit out of a few people in the process of not actually
  destroying, harming, or changeing anything..

  Press: Ctrl + Alt + M

Are there any other hotkeys?
  Ctrl + Alt + L   Initiates Harvest System Info Function
  Ctrl + Alt + N   Initiates "Tatical Mode", and pretends to delete all your stuff
  Ctrl + Alt + K   Initiates a "Derp Storm" of MessageBox's that jump around like fleas
  Ctrl + Alt + Space   Will end the Derp Storm immediately ... Or it will run forever.
               If user sucessfully manages to manually closes all 100 Derps, it
      (Not Yet Implimented)   will then offer to Delete Windows for them (and all answers are yes)
  Ctry + Alt + F   Run the Complete 1,000 Character Barf Cycle 9,000 Times Instead of Just the Normal 5
  Ctry + Alt + D   Hide Skully and ALL Output Panels - Will Now Display ALL Keystrokes More Randomly..
  Ctry + Alt + S   Show Skully and Basic Output Panels - Also Stops Character Barf Timer
  Ctry + Alt + A   Triggers Character Barf (includes D) - Kinda fun really, I'm thinking of making a Screensaver out of it.

Keystroke Penalties Are as Follows:
  10 - 14 = Identity Theft Spook Panel
  15 - 19 = Derp Storm of 210 little Windows
  20 & up = Random Character Screen Barf
-Read Me File
--- End quote ---


I'd suggest some real caution here because if the user's computer is already beginning to be not stable, and then he decided to use this thing, it's not impossible he'll just jam the power button. I did that this week on some other wholly unclear issue and now my computer won't boot!


Stoic Joker:
I actually considered trying to block shutdown/reboot commands ... But that was getting a little too invasive.

This is undoubtedly the most obscure niche item I've ever released for a NANY, and I do hope folks will use it - as intended - responsibly.

Remember, IT can be extremely stressful ... That's why I take Fukitol!
Stoic Joker's Fukitol (5.91 kB - downloaded 598 times.)


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