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NANY 2016 Release: Move Aside Please

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NANY 2016 Entry Information
Application Name Move Aside Please Version 1.0.0 Short Description Moves a window aside when mouse pointer is placed on it. You can also make the window semi-transparent. Supported OSes WinXp and above Web Page Download Link

During our work, many times we need to keep a small window of a program always on top of the desktop screen. This program may show network connection, mail status, auto updating messages etc. Now when we are working on some full screen program like editor, browser etc., this small window block the view of the part of the editor or browser.

Instead of closing or removing the small window, I wanted it to move aside from view when I hover the mouse cursor on it. This way I can easily view the blocked part of the editor or browser.

I could not find any such program by Googling, so I made "Move Aside Please".

The window automatically moves up or down, when the mouse cursor hover over it. We can set the window titles which needs to be moved. Instead of moving the window, we can reduce its opacity, i.e. make it semi-transparent.

NANY 2016 Release: Move Aside Please



Great, I like it so far :Thmbsup:

Thank you Ath and all members who have donated me for Move Aside Please.

I have made Move Aside Please in just last 4 days, so the settings option is a bit primitive. But I am happy that users have liked it and Move Aside Please has be written about in different blogs and download sites, even in non-english sites, within these few days. Thanks all to DC  :)

My next priority is to make the settings more user friendly. Maybe give some more options, if possible.



Reviewed here today:

Thanks mouser.

All websites are reviewing Move Aside Please so fast that I have to keep on hold the fixing of settings window. Everyone is mentioning that the 'settings' is clumsy or ini like etc., and I want them to settle down before I take up the fix.


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