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Assemble PDF documents

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I have a little problem.

I am losing the initial index or bookmarks

When I mount the pdf with adobe acrobat DC inserting the additional pages i don't lose the index or bookmarks of the base pdf document (initial pdf).

I will continue experimenting with the whole pdf file...

this is where you're going to need to read up on the PDFTK usage

it's a good reason to make sure you're as clear as possible about ALL your requirements upfront

let us know how you get on

I put pages 1,35 , but I see only produces two pages. How can I indicate to print from page 1 to page 35 both included ?-Contro (January 03, 2016, 09:49 PM)
--- End quote ---

again, you need to make sure you understand the PDFTK syntax - short answer is that the source files are aliased, ie

* A=file1.pdf
* B=file2.pdf
* C=file3.pdf
where file1 is referenced using the alias of 'A', file2 of 'B', and file3 of 'C' (note they MUST be upper case, but the script does this for you)

When inserting pages you use the alias's as follows


this should concatenate page 1 from file1 AND pages 1-5 from file2 AND all pages >= 10 from file3 in a new file

if you just want to concatenate the entire files leave the page number field blank and the files should be concatenated in the sort order

I am here Target. After a strong bones flu and trying.
First i will learn PDFtk and will comment.


glad to hear you're feeling better

FWIW you probably need to remember that this isn't a pdf authoring tool in the style of acrobat, so bookmarks are likely to be a challenge (by doing this you're effectively building a completley new document)

I'd need to read up on pdftk to be sure but I suspect this might be beyond PDFTK's capabilities (as others have said, PDF's are a bear to deal with)


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