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NANY 2016 Release: sTray

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NANY 2016 Entry Information
Application Name sTray Supported OSes Windows XP/7/8 (Probably works, but not tested on, Windows Vista/10) Web Page Website Download Link Download Author Jody Holmes (Skwire Empire)
Tiny, tray-based utility that gives you a completely configurable menu for quick access to:

* Shutdown
* Restart
* Switch user
* Log off
* Lock
* Sleep
* Hibernate
* Start screensaver
* Turn monitor off
* Switch default printer
I use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (RDP) a lot for the various computers and VMs that I deal with. RDP works great but has one drawback and that is, for whatever reason Microsoft has, the normal shutdown and reboot commands are missing from the Start Menu when you’re working on a computer remotely. Yes, you can use the shutdown command via the commandline or you can click the taskbar and press Alt-F4, etc, but not everybody is comfortable using the commandline or remembers that hotkey. Hence, this simple utility.


NANY 2016 Release: sTray  NANY 2016 Release: sTray

Download the zip file and extract its contents into a new folder.  Run sTray.exe to start the application and right-click the tray icon to see the menu.  Under the Options menu, you can have it add a shortcut to your startup folder.

Exit the application and delete the folder you unzipped it to.  The application doesn't write any of its settings to the registry.

Ah, as usual a very useful new tool for NANY :Thmbsup:


And I have a feature-request (as usual ;D)

Can the available options be made configurable?
I don't want the Shutdown, Sleep and Hibernate options available for systems that are actually located in a hosting farm, as I can't walk over there to press a button, or click a VMWare option, to get them going again after I 'accidentally' use any of those options :-[

And I have a feature-request (as usual ;D)

Can the available options be made configurable?-Ath (December 30, 2015, 04:04 AM)
--- End quote ---

Will do and thank you for the donation.  Much appreciated.   :)

Might be nice to have a "start screensaver" item on there too.
And if you want to get fancy, a way for users to add their own items :)


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