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Feature request - stay on top option

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Arthur Menu:
Thanks, Mouser. It's the quick paste menu window that won't stay on top -- the window that opens when I click on the CHS icon in the system tray. I just downloaded Deskpins, another program that keeps windows on top, and it doesn't work with CHS either.
-- Arthur

Ok so you're not really looking for a traditional stay-on-top feature, as what you are talking about is a pop-up menu, never meant to stay on screen..

What you seem to be asking for is something that would be mostly functionally equivelant, and that HAS been asked for in the past, a kind of tiny window with recent (quick paste) items that you can (double) click to paste into last active window.

I note that the main window will do exactly what you want (and has a stay-on-top option in view menu), it's just that it's a bit big to keep on screen at all times, correct?

Arthur Menu:
Right, the main menu takes up a fair chunk of horizontal screen space and displaying the last clip on it requires a few more mouse clicks. What would be ideal would be if I could open the pop-up so that would stay on top by clicking the CHS icon with another key pressed (CTRL?). Or maybe there could be a hot key that would open it to stay on top. Once it opened with the special key combination it would stay open and on top until I pressed the ESC key.


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