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YouTube Down Loader Shell for youtube-dl

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NANY 2016 Entry Information
Application Name YouTube Down Loader Shell Version Short Description Down load from YouTube (and many more sites) with youtube-dl Supported OSes All , but checked with window 7 Web Page Download Link File too large to save here. Down load from my site but
do not forget to update  youtube-dl from System Requirements
* NonVersion History

After searching for a GOOD You Tube Playlist down loader , i decided to
make my own. The program is a SHELL program for youtube-dl.
So update the youtube-dl from the site

The basic idea of the program is to open the program which will be Installed into the TRAY.
Go to ANY SITE  (which youtube-dl support) copy the link by Ctrl C
and go on to the next site , this way making a list of down loads.
One dose not have to "see" the main page of the program.
ANY Ctrl C will transfer the link to the list in the program (provided that  USE THE CLIPBOARD and ADD ON CLIPBOARD are on).

Do not by mistake make a Ctrl C on NON video link.

To see which sites youtube-dl support make "list-formats" in the program and press exe command.
There are 4 useful commands to execute too.
The program also has a script area where one can write his own script.

And finally do not forget this program is a shell program any errors wile the down loading
is primarily  youtube-dl error that you can see in the log file.

Use Ctrl C to load links to list and use youtube-dl.

Planned Features

 YouTube Down Loader Shell for youtube-dl

UnZip the zip file into a directory

Using the Application
Help included

Just delete

See the Help file

Known Issues

sounds interesting, the download link says:
[ Invalid Attachment ]

Yes file size >44M so download from my site. Only update Youtube-dl from site.

Yes file size >44M so download from my site. Only update Youtube-dl from site.
-limelect (December 29, 2015, 10:52 AM)
--- End quote ---


Are you running an email harvesting scheme? Provide a direct download link to the file.

No!!!!  the site is made with Wordpress  my developer did.
It is too big of a site to change. Sorry but NEVER seen what is in the D.B.
Give me another easy way to download more then 44M or
let DonationCoder to allow save of >44M or another site without registration on my part.
Those are the , i think, the 2 option only.
Any other idea?


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