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Microsoft Word seems the most stupid thing

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$everal programs can merge pdf files. [deleted]. I do hope 2016 is going to bring you some money at last.

just to be clear on this

if you have multiple PDFs you want to combine - this is doable using existing tools

if you have multiple PDFs that you want to cut up and combine in some automated fashion, you're pretty much out of luck

I've never used it but you probably need something like adobes authoring tool (or equivalent) to manipulate PDF's in the manner you seem to require

One word: PDFTK

Seriously, don't let the lackluster description fool you.  PDFTK is a powerful program with lots of options for splitting and combining, plus a ton of other functions.  If you can't swing the price of Adobe Acrobat XI  :-* , then PDFTK is your best bet.

P.S. - I hate MS Word.  As in, passionately.  At least, in the context of working in a print shop.  If a customer gives me a Word file, I hand it right back and tell him to make me a PDF.
Just sayin'...

Also, about the XI love...I've also always felt PDFs to be a pain in the rear end to deal with after creating, and they still are, but I can personally attest that Acrobat XI is one sweet piece of gear for dealing with that.  I work in printing also, so I have it because where I work has a contract/subscription/whatever and I use it every day.  If only it wasn't prohibitively expensive for home users, I'd straight up have a copy even though I don't use Windows anymore.  Everything up to Acrobat X was useful, but not amazing.  XI is.

I thought of that, but its not exactly intuitive, and he would need to be able to clearly lay out all the steps.

if it was laid out in a text file I suppose you could read that into a batch...hmmm...

Interesting of course. I open another post : Assemble PDF documents

I actually assemble pdf documents with adobe acrobat DC. But not in automated way.
I am investigating this :


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