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Microsoft Word seems the most stupid thing

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And I hope, if possible, a script for solving this problem :

When we insert a pdf as object only the first page is seen. Double click goes to the pdf document inserted in the word document.

When we print the word document to pdf only the first page of the initial pdf inserted is printed.....

I would like a script able to recognize the pdf inserted and print in the correct way.
So, in the simpler way, obtain a final pdf file with all the pages inserted.....

Is this possible ?

I know other answers like convert the pdf to word, or to jpg pages.....


P.D. I was thinking in an autohotkey script to print and combine the files conveniently.....

Sure there is a code somewhere in the word document with the pdf file inserted as a link....


apologies for the dumb question, but just what are you trying to achieve?

it sounds like you're embedding a PDF into a word document and expecting it to behave like a normal word doc, but I'm not sure (FWIW it won't). 

Also important to know how you're embedding the file as this has implications for its behaviour

You can copy and paste the content from a PDF into word, though different versions might give a different experience

It's simpler for me.
I am trying to mantain the order....
I usually use a basical word document. Then print to pdf. And combine with other pdf.
This is not very confortable. I have to calculate where insert the pdf's.....

MW have an apparent advantage if i am able to link pdf files to my basical word document. I only need to expand when printing the final document. A sort of combines the files from the word document.


so why not use a dedicated tool like PDF split and merge instead of kludging it with word (I assume you're using word to establish some sort of work flow)?

Don't even try to work with PDFs if you can avoid it. You will have nothing but pain. PDF is a one-way thing.


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