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Words fail me - you'll have to read this yourself

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Possibly one of the  most offensive bits of op-ed I've ever read, as written by CNET's Danny Gallagher, a douchebag of the first order.

Article here.

... imagine being an art lover of the most supreme order and hearing that one of your fellow art buyers plans to turn an original Picasso into a 150,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. You'd probably lose consciousness.

That's just one possible outcome for Picasso's "Tete de Faune" (translation: Head of a Faun). Cards Against Humanity, the game company based out of Chicago, purchased an original of the 1962 Picasso linocut for an undisclosed amount and will let supporters of its most recent holiday promotion decide whether the artwork goes to a museum or faces the business end of a laser-cutting machine.
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I have to admit I'm really torn about this one. As a culture appreciator, I don't want to see a work of art by one of the world's greatest artists sliced up like a deep-dish pizza. However, as someone who paid for eight Hanukkah gifts from Cards Against Humanity, I also want to receive all eight gifts. And don't give me that crud about how knowing that you saved a priceless work of art is its own reward. You can't bring "peace of mind" to Best Buy for a refund, even if you still have the receipt.
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Like I said: douchebag.

It might all be a publicity stunt, but, in any event, declaring one's opinion on this - either way - would probably not make a ha'porth of difference. Really, one probably has more fundamentally useful/helpful things on which to expend one's cognitive surplus.

^Sorry. But I have to disagree. I still haven't reached the point where I'm just willing to roll over and play dead about things like this. Stupidity counts on it being tolerated by people "who are better than that" and those who invariably take the moral (albeit silent) high road, in order for it to thrive. Publicity stunt or not, it's still worth challenging things like this - and crass self-serving 'justifications' such as Mr. Gallagher's. Especially in a country like the USA which  is now beginning to manifest all the societal symptoms of every other empire that realized it had passed its zenith and was now in the early stages of decline.  :(

150,000 people being able to own a tiny bit of a Picasso is just kind of awesome. :D :P  :Thmbsup:

Oh god... It's even funnier!

You just have to click. Be prepared to piss yourself laughing!  :Thmbsup:  ;D


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