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NANY 2016 Entry Information
Application Name txtproc Version 0.4.0 Short Description Yet another text processing tool Supported OSes Windows, Linux, probably more Web Page Download Link Build Status

txtproc is a text processing tool, similar to my TIMU. It currently comes without a GUI though, i.e. it is just a command line tool at the moment. It is a completely new implementation.

Compared to TIMU, its most interesting features are:

* It works on Linux as well as Windows (and probably OS X as well)
* It can be used in a pipeline to do multiple text manipulations in a row
* It has a better understanding of text. It knows words and sentences. E.g. "hello,world" are two words in txtproc, but only one in TIMU.
* It has most of TIMU's text processing functions, some new one's which TIMU doesn't have, and even one or two which were requested for TIMU but I never added.
Planned Features

* Add more text processing functions
* Add color to console to highlight search results
* Add a GUI
Just unzip and run.

Using the Application
See for basic usage instructions.

Uninteresting babbling, if anyone's interested.
SpoilerI initially wrote this because I wanted to check out biicode and catch. It soon became clear that the projects main challenge would become Unicode support if I was going to use C++. Unfortunately, Boost.Locale is severely limited, and using the ICU library directly would be a project on its own. So I settled for D, which I have never used before, and learned a ton of stuff not only about the language, but about the D community as well.

v0.2.0 adds more text processing functions.

The Windows build doesn't handle newlines correctly when sending the output to a file or down a pipeline. Needs fixing.

So are you going to make a PKGBUILD for it so we can use it in Arch and Manjaro? :)

So are you going to make a PKGBUILD for it so we can use it in Arch and Manjaro? :)
-ewemoa (December 23, 2015, 07:47 PM)
--- End quote ---
I'll definitely look into it!

How txtproc can help you find new music:


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