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Problem with "_____________" lines in every line

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ok that's a clue, now let me try to figure out what could be causing it.. i will report.

Ok so i think i understand PART of the problem..
Most of your clip "titles" are blank and it's trying to force them all to be the same size by using an UNDERSCORE character.

Here's what you should do, at least for now: Uncheck the "equal width titles" option (see second screenshot).

That should solve your problem.

But now you might also do this, go to your main CHS window, click the tiny = box at the far left of the clip grid header, and make sure the "Title" column is showing.  Then check out the titles of new clips you capture.  By default the title should have the date and the name of the application.  That's what is showing as _______ in your quick paste popup.  The format of the Title is set by the Clip Naming option (see first screenshot), and there was a bug in older versions which could reset that.  Just go check yours is blank (no spaces) in that option.  And try capturing from different applications.  Let me know if for some reason the Title is not being set properly.

Uncheck the "equal width titles" option (see second screenshot).
helped thanks


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