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@Baile Thank you! :-) Yep, it works the same, I use it every day.

I use MenuApp. It has been there for a long time and is feature rich. But, I am looking for an alternative since it is buggy. Was excited to see QuickJump, but then it does not create sub menus for folders. :(

No QuickJump does not have sub-menus for sub-folders, that is by design. I wanted it to be fast and having to loop through sub-folders and create sub-menus adds a lot of time to creating the menu. I do not think I will ever create sub-menus for folders. What I may do in a future release is make pseudo sub-menus that only show when clicking on the folder menu item. That way they are generated on the fly and will not make it much, if any, slower.

I actually like that it doesn't create sub-menus, and if you do add it, can you make sure to put the option of not using it?

Yep, it's going to be an optional parameter called SubMenus. Was a quick add and I'll be uploading a new version soon.


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