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restart switch

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Is it possible to restart multiple IP network switches at once or by schedule?

Yes, I can restart them one by one using the web browser but that is time consuming.

Not having much luck searching Google.

open for suggestions?  Possible to do with coding snack?

What kind of switches are they?  Can you access them via CLI over Telnet/SSH?  Any reason you need to bounce them regularly?

You could probably automate using Powershell ... or there's the low tech method of turning them off/on via a timer switch.

They are Netgear Business Switches.  JGS524 and JGS524PE. These switches

not sure I understand you skwire.  but that's ok.  4wd, I hadn't thought of the low tech solutions, but that will be hard to do when they are plugged into a battery backup.

I do not have to restart them real often but they are scattered through out the building and didn't want to walk all over.  Some are quite high on the wall as well.

... but that will be hard to do when they are plugged into a battery backup.-techidave (December 20, 2015, 10:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

Plug the timer into the UPS, then the switch into the timer.

skwire means that some switches allow you to use SSH (Secure Shellw) to access the switch interface, (a lot of routers also allow this).  It normally just needs to be enabled from within the web interface, (if it isn't already), then you can connect using Putty, (I prefer Kitty), and use a command line interface to perform functions.

Using Putty/Kitty/etc (Kitty allows automated scripting) should allow some scripting to cause a restart.

Otherwise, I can try to automate using Powershell but I'd probably need the web interface source for the login page and the relevant menu pages to trigger a restart.


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