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Upgrading and slowing

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Autocad 2016 is slow
Word 2010 is slow

I have an i7 and windows 8.1 and incompatibilities with windows 10

I compared with msdos 6.0 with wordperfect and i remember simplificity and velocity.

What can I do to speed these programs, including adobe acrobat DC ?


Not using the latest version is often the best solution.

Win7, office 2007, Adobe CS2, autocad 2011 will do wonders on your I7. Honestly.

Not using the latest version is often the best solution.
-eleman (December 20, 2015, 11:21 AM)
--- End quote ---

Indeed, upgrading to the latest is not always the greatest... The other radical option might be to reinstall Windows (if it's an old machine), and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff that has accumulated over time and is slowing it down.

With Word 2010, sometimes disabling add-ons helps speed it up. As for Adobe Acrobat, why do you need it at all? There are many snappier PDF readers and creators out there.

I haven't used Autocad since version 14 :P
I can only presume Autocad 2016 is a monster too (but maybe I'm wrong?)

@contro: Please disclose the AV product you are using, as some are making a fast system crawl, and a slower system unusable slow.


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