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NANY 2016: Bible Reference and Study Application


I probably missed the NANY 2016 cut, but have posted a Bible Reference app I wrote in AutoHotkey recently. It contains over 150 cross references on various Bible topics. Users can choose from 5 fonts and 3 Bible translations. Many web links are also part of the app as well as a Bible browser, 3 Daily Reading plans and 4 Devotionals. The program has text to speech for reading in all text windows.

The program also tracks what the user has read via colors and saves the items clicked on. It also keeps a Session time and total reading time. Even though the program uses INI text files, it searches any Bible in less than 3 seconds, displaying 2,600 searched verses in that time.

All associated data files are self-extracting from the program. Like other AutoHotkey apps, just copy it to any folder, run it and it will extract data files and a PDF Help file.

It can be downloaded from: Michaels Tech Notes
Screenshots, a short video and other info are on the same blog. I have added two more Tabbed pages to the app since the video was uploaded.

All comments are very welcome.

Welcome to the site, Michael -- seems like you did lots of work on this.  Although this is not something i personally have use for, it's always nice to see someone who is obviously interested in making something useful.
I wish you had found us before the NANY event ended.  I think we need to do a better job of spreading the word next year. And speaking of which, I do hope you are around next year to share something else with us!

Thank you for your comments. I have several other apps written in AutoIT or AutoHotkey to share. What is the best area of the Forum to do this in?

The apps are below. Just looking for suggestions from you about advertising them.

1) Windows Activity Logger - for parents to see where their children have been browsing OR for managers to check on staff (AutoIT)

2) Hung Process Monitor - put on business PCs to monitor slow or misbehaving applications, reports back those issues via email to an Administrator. On a network, a global log folder is used by the PCs and a global settings file can be updated which updates options for the PCs. It can also self update to newer versions when they are dropped into an update folder. (AutoIT)

3) Document activity watcher - for home or business usage, reports via email if a PC is updating a lot of documents per minute (Office docs, databases, etc.). This has helped us catch PCs that have Crypto malware on them, PCs that are not only encrypting local files but also files on network shared drives. Keeps a Log file and reports unusual activity to an Administrator or a Home user. Very configurable. (AHK)

4) Exercise Reminder - mostly for those who sit at a PC most of the day (or night). Reminds users of Aerobic, Stretching and Circuit training exercises. Exercises and times are configurable. Stretching exercises are displayed on screen at preset intervals with or without voice prompting. (AHK)

5) (not finished yet) Poetry Manager - an app to create, manage and post Poetry collections. (AHK)


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