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NANY 2016 Pledge/Release: Lucid Dream Inducer

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Camera sunglasses make me think of virtual reality. Who knows if it could be possible to provoke sleep state simulations with virtual reality goggles.

Well, brainwave visualizations have been recorded:

And there's always those brainwave generation devices and apps:

So, if you can stand to fall asleep wearing earbuds, switch on a brain pattern and voilĂ !

v1.02.1 - January 4, 2016

* Added a few icons to menus.
* Added option to hide next episode time from statusbar.
* Turns off all playing sounds immediately when you disable it or reset timer.
* Fixed randomization % to be double what it was and changed defaults.

Session Report:

I've been using the program for last few days.  I have it set to 2 hour interval with 50% randomization. Mostly what it does is wakes me up annoyingly, OR I wake up on my own soon before it is due to trigger.
So there is a cost to be paid in terms of lost sleep.. But last night it sort of worked(!)  Well I can't say whether the program itself did any good or whether it was just the fact that i was focused on it.


I think this will be one of the more complex threads so I will try to follow it for a while.

I'd be concerned about the sleep loss and disruption of sleep patterns. But since it (maybe?) worked at least once, what do you feel about the dream that resulted?

I'm wary of this thread veering off-topic into discussion of dreams -- and i've found that no one enjoys hearing about other people's dreams.  Having said that, my semi-lucid dream involved me deciding to try to remember the face of an old friend from high-school whose face i can't remember in real life, and basically spending time in my dream mentally reconstructing it.  Was pretty cool.


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