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gateway ta6 laptop

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If push comes to could remove its driver and disable the device in the Windows Device Manager. That means though that you will not be able to use the trackpad at all. Be sure to carry a working computer mouse with you the whole time when you decide to go drastic like this.
-Shades (December 28, 2015, 05:17 AM)
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I am not sure if I found it but it only allows uninstall, not disable. Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad. "Sample rate 100 reports/second" can be modified. I can't uninstall if I'm not sure that's all that will be affected.
-holt (January 02, 2016, 07:26 AM)
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gateway ta6 laptop
The image above is taken from Windows Server 2012, but Windows XP has a similar window. The link leads you to instructions (from Microsoft itself) on how to access this window in Windows XP. The section you need is called: Device Manager.

In there you can update drivers, remove drivers (Windows XP will try to re-install the next time you reboot) or disable the device (Windows XP won't try to re-install drivers).

But if you want to be absolutely sure, the main board in the laptop provides power to the device and you can disconnect that link. When you do that Windows won't even see the device anymore and you are sure not to be bothered anymore by the track pad. At all.

If you like the last option the most, you will need to find a way to open your laptop in a proper manner, so you can assemble it again. A brisk search revealed this document (pdf) that shows how to properly disassemble your Gateway laptop. Do the steps in reverse to assemble the laptop back into a working state. That manual might also give you an idea about properly mounting the plate that keeps falling off. 


I read this article, and after tapping harder on my touchpad a few times it seemed to wake up, and seems to be working better. I can scroll a page with the narrow right part that has up and down chevrons now; before, that never did anything but now it scrolls more like it should. So I think I'll play with it for awhile.

As I hate track-pads with a passion, you won't see me use a laptop much. But when someone hands me one for repair, I will make sure to have an extra mouse. Even prefer a track-ball, joystick (how else do you call that thing in the center of Thinkpad keyboard) or keyboard navigation over the track-pad.

Hence I am quick with suggestions to disable track-pads in any way or form.  ;)  But, whatever works for for you.  :)

If you didn't do this already, I would still suggest to take a look at the pdf manual from my previous post. It shows you how to disassemble the laptop completely in the correct order and which tools you require. With that manual you should be able to do most, if not all, of the hardware maintenance your laptop requires in its technical lifespan.

I'll check out your manual.

Just for grins; GATEWAY TA6 take apart, how-to video  :D

PS - Where do people get that kind of energy?

In there you can update drivers, remove drivers (Windows XP will try to re-install the next time you reboot)
-Shades (January 02, 2016, 08:26 AM)
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